A Perfect Day for a Not So Perfect Mother

I had no formal plans for Mother’s Day…

My son likes to have his weekends free, if possible, and spend his quality time at home, with his girlfriend (if she’s not working) or doing projects around his house. (This from a boy I despaired of fulfilling his responsibilities in high school!) I guess a leopard can change his spots, it just requires falling in with the right crowd! Now he’s the epitome of responsibility, running two successful businesses, juggling a home, and being very attentive to his recovering Mom.

I’m happy to spend a lazy Sunday just poking around the house, if nothing is going on.

The cosmos aligned just right and my son was not only free, but able to meet me at the barn!

As everyone in New England knows we have five official seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring and the highlight of the year - MUD accompanied by the arrival of myriad bugs - yuck! The barn staff has shuffled everyone around to give some of the paddocks a rest and let the empty paddocks dry out (hopefully)

They had just smoothed the access road, great for walking, but a scary prospect for driving on! So my Mom drove around the property and parked up by the indoor arena, which is at the top of the hill. (less likely to be a squish fest)

My son and I carefully headed down the hill towards the paddock, avoiding the mud, and with our trusty bag o carrots. When the carrots were spied, no amount of mud was too great to ford, and we were met at the gate by two starving and muddy orphans! (Or so they like to tell everyone who passes by)

My horse and a friend that had been paired up with him, much to my delight. (My philosophy is everyone needs a friend!) Turns out they found him the perfect friend, one who is missing both his eyes so as to be non threatening, but gives my horse the appearance of a job. Still a no nonsense friend who won’t put up with the malarkey that my horse tries to dish out, in a very firm yet gentle way. The half blind leading the blind!

Trying his best to push his new friend out of the way, (all is fair in love and carrots, I swear he could live on carrots!) my horse soon discovered that his new friend was having none of that when the holy grail of goodies were involved!

While we were happily visiting and marveling over my horse’s new friend, we exhausted our golden goodie treasure chest. There was only so much visiting to be tolerated, when the carrot supply had run dry and the mud was knee deep! With our empty bag in hand, we were summarily dismissed by his majesty and court by turned rumps and cold shoulders.

We spent the rest of a very special day spreading sunshine to someone who landed themselves in the hospital, much to our to our dismay! Providence was smiling on us once again, because the hospital happened to be the convergence point unexpectedly for our whole family!

We spent the rest of the afternoon all together laughing, talking and generally enjoying each other’s company.

It just goes to show, that the most unexpectedly beautiful things appear seemingly out of nowhere! Just when I thought the day was going to be ordinary, but turned out extraordinary. All that was needed, was the essential ingredient- of family- to embrace the richness of life. Seeing all those faces, smiling and laughing, brought home the true depth of our connections, and made my Mother’s Day,- extraordinary!