Mindless Motivations

Scrolling through my Facebook page this morning over coffee, I came across a posting of a positive affirmation in one of my myriad stroke groups. You know the ones, blah blah blah, keep your chin up or some such platitude.

Whether you’re a stroke warrior or not, we all go through times where we need some words of encouragement, to get back on the horse, so to speak. We all know what it’s like to work hard day after day, whatever our goal, with seemingly no, or minuscule achievement. It’s very hard to accept that progress is sometimes only seen in the hind sight of where we’ve been, and can be mind numbingly slow. I liken the progress of my stroke recovery, to the artist who once said that sculpting was simply removing the marble to reveal the statue within. i feel like I’ve been encased in marble and I’m just chipping away, ever so slowly, to reveal some new version of me.

My journey has not been without it’s ups and downs, and I’m grateful that everyone has stood by, and stayed as passengers on this trip, that hasn’t always been easy. There were days when I so wanted to lie down in the road and give up. Tears by the bucketful, came on some days, but by the next day I drew on the strength that the farm had given me and soldiered on. That’s just what you do.

Now I’m at a place where some affirmations, not all, have begun to have some sort of meaning to me. They never seemed applicable for one going through the greatest daily struggle of their life.

Again, there were the horses to lead me where I needed go

It’s in the voice of horses that I have found strength.

‘Spur yourself on to greatness’, and ‘Take life’s hurdles in stride’, are the wisdom that keeps me going. There is also the soft voice of my horse, that tells me he loves me for who I am right now, broken parts and all. To him I’ll always be what he sees beyond the broken parts - perfect - and that’s just fine with me.

So from now on, take your affirmations from your pets lives, and see yourself through their eyes, - perfect.


Source: www.equestriantaichi.com