A Time of Soul Searching

I’m finally back after an extended winter long vacation, where I spent my time cocooned from the winter winds and snow.

Of course I still kept up with my exercises, my daily dose of Jeopardy, and sneaking in some very important visits with my pony!

More importantly though, is that I used this time to reflect on where I’m going and where I’ve been, in relation to this blog, this website, and my life in general.

While my stroke was a defining and pivotal time of my life, its grip is gradually losing its hold. Although there are still moments in every day when it reminds me of my limitations, especially typing this one handed, those moments are becoming further and further apart.

I’ve finally come back full circle to what really defines my life, and what it has always been, horses. followed closely now with a renewed sense of family.

I find what the stroke has given me, if it’s leaving parting gifts, is a renewed sense of gratitude for even the simplest things in life. I’m grateful for waking up in the morning, the beautiful gift of nature, and the myriad things in between that for so long I couldn’t do. I had always tried to be grateful in my heart, but this is much deeper. Someone asked me why I climb the stairs, when it’s obviously such a struggle, and I replied that when that simplest of abilities has been denied you for so long, climbing the stairs is a milestone that I never thought I would achieve! I realized how much I had failed to appreciate, until it was taken away. I even was talking to my son yesterday, (when I propped myself on the stall wall and attempted stall picking, my aim is still not good but I haven’t lost my touch!) that I would love to have the purpose of working everyday. You never know what you’re going to miss until it’s gone!

Oh well, no time to dwell on the past!

I now have granted myself the freedom to think of nothing but the future, and it’s allowed me to come back to the land of my dreams. I have even found a group on Facebook that is dedicated to the particulars of homesteading for “disabled” people! It’s made me realize that there IS room in my life for my dreams.

All this leads to the conclusion I’ve realized, that still in my heart I’m first and foremost a horseman, who just happened to have a stroke. So I’ll be concentrating on the equine aspect of this blog and website, but still adding in a sprinkle of stroke tips and healthy lifestyle, for everybody, really. It’ll be like me, a hodgepodge of ideas, opinions and new interests that above all center on my life with horses.

So hang on for the ride, it’s bound to be interesting!

I remain, ready to embrace my future,


Source: Photo by Mateusz Baj Poland 2014 Sony ...