Providence Saves The Day!

I finally got to see my pony today after delay and delay!

My lovely veterinarian texted before leaving on her vacation to let me know that I was running out of my horse’s medicine and needed to refill. Great! She checked me off her list, and went on her merry way, secure in the knowledge that she had fulfilled her professional responsibility, and left to indulge in a hard won vacation. I being the - perceived by me - neglectful owner as of late, thought Great! here’s a chance for me to finally do something to help out with the care of my horse.

So I diligently called for a refill, and wouldn’t you know it - no refills! Hating to interrupt her personal time, I did break down and texted her. Much to her credit - even while barging in on her time off ,she replied to me promptly and assured me she would call it in for me. She let me know that he wasn’t out so that made me feel much better!

During all the rigamarole involving time zones and what nots, I finally got the prescription in my hand, ready to take it to the barn. All my planning came to naught, and after waiting for convenience’s sake for someone else - as I’m not driving - yet, it was decided on a day and time.

Needless to say, by the time everything everything worked out, she was back!

Oh well! Even with all this go around, and the best of intentions, I finally connected the horse and the medicine.

It just goes to show that the consequences of stroke are many faceted and effect things you don’t even expect.

My visit is always too short, but magical non the less. My family has really been made to understand the deep bond that I share with my horse, and that in turn that has brought them closer to me. Getting to spend the time, with all of us together - family and horse, is magical in itself. Especially since I spent so much caring for the horses alone, they’re finally getting to know the horsey me. It has even deepened the relationship with my son, who was involved with the horse side of my life, but my bond with him has become even deeper. I’ve learned that in the tangled ball of trying to progress forward, always expect the unexpected!