What A Blessing: A Found Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving more than the holidays in recent history has really brought the idea of thanks, into my life. Thanksgiving was always one of those holidays “that other people celebrated.” Don’t get me wrong my family has always had a Thanksgiving celebration, but I never really felt a part of it. I would have been just as happy with a turkey sandwich and the company of the horses as dinner companions! 

I did the cooking and hosting in between my horse chores - and drove myself crazy - until I relinquished it all back to my mother - who lives to cook and is more experienced anyway. I would happily show up and eat after everyone else, as to me it was just another day at the barn.

When I had the stroke however things changed in ways I couldn’t anticipate or imagine. The prospect of planning and cooking a large meal was overwhelming to my mother who was my main caregiver. In an unexpected turn of events, my sister’s good friends reached out and volunteered to cook and host the big meal! I wasn’t sure how my mother would handle it, not being in control of all the logistics. She surprised us all, by loving having someone to take over most of the chores and enjoyed herself tremendously! A good time was had all, and our hosts didn’t run screaming for the hills, after all was said and done. They volunteered for the following year and again they outdid themselves! We had an even better time than the first, if that’s possible! My mother has gotten a much needed reprieve, and our hosts have graciously opened their beautiful home, happily, to our ragtag collection of family and friends.

That for me, has brought home what, Thanksgiving is truly about. The unbound joy and wonder of virtual strangers opening their hearts and home to the pleasures of sharing and possibilities. I don’t think Thanksgiving will ever be quite the same for me. I hope not!

With Thanksgiving Love,


Source: www.unsplash.com