Why My Own Animals Are Better Than Trained Thererapy Animals

The benefits of animal therapy are well documented and I’m glad to see the implementation of more of that when working with patients from young to old and all sorts of ailments. While I loved the animals that I worked with in therapy, their patience and tolerance was amazing, I found that the ultimate benefit was in my own animals. I so wished to see my own dogs and the crowning wish was to see my horse. I had to settle for pictures to keep me going. 

Unbeknownst to me people were working behind the scenes to make my dream come true. On a beautiful sunny day at the end of August, my sister wheeled me into the parking lot to behold a trailer with my beloved horse accompanied by his very composed lady friend. My son and his girlfriend had cooked up this miracle that will go down in hospital history! There in the hospital parking lot was a lift to the clouds of my spirit beyond compare! Once he got over his nerves we were so happy to see each other and the memories will be with me forever.

Time passed  too quickly for me, but it wasn’t long before I was the talk of rehab with my hospital visiting horse. Because I spoke with everyone who was curious, the relationship between me and Booman was soon on display. Everyone asked me about him daily!

Knowing how I felt about him, the therapists got together and organized an outing to the barn which was quite an accomplishment because I was still in a wheelchair. The staff was so moved by the experience and the obvious benefits to me, that they asked permission to send a writer to document what happened. The next thing I knew we were in the brochure that is handed out to families about the hospital! Now he finally has the fame he thinks he so richly deserves! 

He’s never been the most adaptable to new experiences but he came through with flying colors. I’ve always said that when it needs to count he doesn’t let me down. The staff still talks about what a gentleman he was. 

So if you’re contemplating what animal therapy can do for you, don’t discount what your own animals can do. Even though they’re not formally trained for therapy work, a little fur therapy goes a long way.

A round of sloppy kisses for everyone!