Try To Remember That Kind of September

September ushers in the end of summer and the start of fall.

Although, I dwell among a family of polar bears so I really haven’t felt the deep baking heat of true summer. Unless I go outside, and at this point it’s still too much of a project. I do get out more than last summer. Last year I felt like a shut in.

This year I’m thinking about all the pleasures of autumn that are within reach and dreaming of the ones that still aren’t.

My son has finished building his house now, so I’m hoping to get to the barn more. The weather has finally turned horse friendly- cooler temperatures and no bugs!

I’m also thinking of apple picking. Maybe I can’t get out in the wilds of the orchards yet, but a trip for some fresh apples and lunch at the orchard will still fill the bill. Oh and who can forget apple cider donuts! The orchard that we go to has the best I swear! Mmm so warm and sugary but I’ll just leave that here for now!

The farm stands and farmer’s market have transitioned from fresh juicy tomatoes and ripe cucumbers to autumn squash and earthy beets. The hustle and bustle of summer has been replaced by a slower feel as we prepare for the season of downtime and the cozy comforts of winter.

We’ve been making lots of apple somethings to break up the wealth of blueberries this year (thanks to my wonderful cousin). It’s wonderful to eat with the seasons and really live through the passage of time.

Maybe you’re not ready to do a complicated project but something simple like making rice crispy treats or picking and carving a pumpkin (with help) or getting some cider to enjoy warmed up on a cool evening will certainly help to celebrate fall and give you a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Even a ride in the car to take in the leaves locally can be breathtaking.

So brainstorm what you can do with your kids, grandkids or even your spouse to remember the joy of fall.

I never really embraced the concept of “live in the moment” until now. I tried but I thought there was too much to do. In truth my to do list is my life and it will always be there tomorrow. I’m trying to use this time of forced relaxation to delve into what I thought I didn’t have time for before - to craft (some what with help), cook (also with help), and maybe indulge my passion for classical horsemanship.

We survived something that was supposed to break us so let’s embrace the beauty and wonder of a life renewed. Different but renewed.