Music: One Of The Spices Of Life

Here is today’s blog post about taking advantage of what music has to offer in terms of stroke specifically and what it can add to your life in general. 

Did you know that your brain treats music as another language? People that can’t speak can sing a familiar song when prompted. 

That it’s the only activity to fire all your brain at once?

Today we’ll be talking about music therapy in some of it’s many forms. 

This afternoon I was listening to the 70s station on Pandora Radio as I did some of my exercises. Not only did the time fly by but I realized there was “more pep in my step” as I kept pace with the beat of the music. It led me to think about music and how important it can be to our brain and our life- even our pets too. 

I’m lucky thanks to my Mom for having a smartphone to listen on, so I always have music nearby. 

The choices in the digital world are as wide as the web. Some of the more popular are:



iheart Radio

Apple Music

Your own personal playlist 

Whatever floats your boat , oldies ,80s ,90s or new music, there’s something for everyone. I particularly like the the 70s station, it takes me back to those days of surf, sand, and suntan lotion. 

So even if it’s as simple as turning on the radio wherever you are- your kitchen,car bedroom or barn-(your animals will love it and it’s impossible to be unhappy or tense when you’re singing) listen to whatever makes you happy and fire all the cylinders in your brain while humming,singing and swaying( carefully please) to the beat of your own drum!